Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bag Swap has arrived..

Actually it arrived about a week ago but work has been crazy this week. I have been looking at blogs and commenting but not posting.
The bag was made by Susanne from British Columbia. I have taken numerous pictures and the shiney fabric has such a back flash on it even with the flash off. Take my word for it though, it is lovely. I managed to get in touch with her and thank her by email which was nice. I have just asked if I can take part in another swap but more on that when I know if I have a place on it or not.
I have other items to post and hopefully over the weekend I will be able to post some more. My hit counter has soured again over the past week but WHO ARE YOU ALL who visit? Leave a comment as I like to click on links and visit your blog.
Anyway it has just gone midnight, I have finished my work for the day job, (more tomorrow to do) so I had better get some beauty sleep, and boy do I need it even though my other half says 'of course you don't love' ahh bless him!

PS Sophie's quilt is growing, when I showed her the 6 squares featured below she said, but mummy I am big now won't it be a bit small?' she htough that six squares was all she was getting!

Bye for now!

1 comment:

picciolo said...

I had a late night last night too, roll on the weekend! Your bag swap bag is lovely, looking forward to seeing more of Sophies new quilt as you do it
: )

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