Monday, 11 February 2008

Half-term Happiness & knitted Bears.

Sophie and I started our half-term with a much needed lie in this morning. Then the lovely sun woke us up hopefully the good weather will be with us all week. We typically have a busy week ahead of us but i shall also have at least a day to myself as Sophie is off out to a holiday club day at her old nursery with other friends from school. on that day I aim to take photos for posts and have a good go at my poor website which got abandon before Christmas due to ill health. Plus some sewing. Sophie is coming to a small sewing group that I try to attend each Wednesday evening. She can only come during holidays due to normally getting up for school. My camera ran out of charge the other day but I have now managed to catch up and can show you some finished items.

Lets start off with the charity knitted bear. Now I followed the pattern which was straight forward, and it needs to be for me! It started off like this..

Then progressed to this..

The bear was stitched inside out with matching wool, then turned the right way round.

The bear was stuffed with toy stuffing and I had the opening on top of his head so that I could stitch and define the ears more than the original pattern. I added the features and tied a strip of purple ribbon around his neck. This is very quick and the patterns works, they are very basic as they are intended to be sold to raise money for the building of schools in Africa. The bears should cost a £1 and this will buy four bricks towards the school. I will post the link to the charity in my side bar. I am going to try and involve my students as several can knit and perhaps some work colleages. The bears do not have to be sold by you, they can be sent to the organisation and they will do that for you. Ideal for oddments of wool and for making in front of the TV. I made mine in plain cream as that was all I had but the website shows bears of all colours, strippy and plain.

My Bag swap has arrived in America and can be seen on this blog it feels wierd that my bag is now in America and will be winging its way off to someone else. I will show you the swap bag when it arrives later this month.
I am going to spread out my posts this week so more on the quilting next time.
Sophie and I are off to make some chocolate crispies, yum yum!!

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