Thursday, 7 February 2008

Another project started

This is a new project..

I have started to cut it out and parts have been stitched already. Can you guess what it is yet?

My 9 block quilt square jinx is still going. I took my freshly stitched square to work to photograph, switched on the camera and... run out of battery Arrgghh! So I brought it all the way home AGAIN re-ironed it , AGAIN, and yet another mark appeared even though I cleaned it off after the last mis-hap. I am telling you that iron's days are numbered!!
So I have re-stitched one of white squares AGAIN and will try one more time to take a picture.
How can something so simple cause so much stress. Also there are other photos to show as well including the knitted bear. I can give you a sneaky half made preview.. ready?

Mmmm... I shall leave you to ponder this one.
Tomorrow I shall hopefully have pictures!
In the words of Arnie "I'll be back!"


Nan said...

Oh NO!! I take it the mark doesn't wash out? Have you tried placing cheese cloth between the iron and fabric so it can't happen again? Poor dear, this is suppose to be enjoyable not stressful.

I actually liked the sweater on that what not to crochet sight too! LOL, I think it's pretty clever. How far into it did you go? There were tampon cozy's and squid scarves and some other pretty odd things in the "next page" options. They also had a what not to knit as well off to the left, so I might have gotten some of them mixed up.

I kind of liked the wild colors of the poodle though!! LOL, not as a poodle dog, but in something bright and cheerful for a child possibly. It was fun to look at anyway. Good luck on that quilt block, no more iron mishaps I hope!

picciolo said...

Hello! I love the fabric you are using for your new project, the colours are gorgeous. My guess is a bag, I'm probably wrong though! The little bear looks like he is going to be really cute, you'll have to watch out that Sophie doesn't get her hands on him if he is for charity!
: )

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