Monday, 25 February 2008

All Knitted Up..

This is a knitted bag which I found in a magazine. I actually managed to follow the pattern, stitch it together and finish it off without any major problems. I swapped the felted beads for handmade pompoms as I am determind to reduce my stash. The chain is left over from a necklace kit that definately looked better in the picture than it did on me!! I have not yet lined it and I did say last week that I would post it. The light as usual has not been kind so photos have been poor. Anyway, there was one surprise that had me laughing so much I nearly had to run for the bathroom is this.....

Now, I knew that something was afoot when I only cast on 16 stitches but thought, well I haven't actually finished it yet. To give you an idea of size the egg cup is a standard size! It is made of four panels, two moss stitch and two cable so it did grow a bit. Anyway, my husband thinks it is really cute if a bit small ( and yes he was laughing!) I now feel ready to try something bigger, well actually the pink and green bag was bigger anyway but you now what I mean. I also made it for £1.65! Bargin.

It is also 100% wool so I have knitted a little square to see if I can felt it and then come up with another basic bag to felt and embellish.

On friday the final block on Sew Mama Sew was revealed and on saturday I came up with this.

Pin wheel block. There are numerous variations on this and the above sampler was surprosingly easy to do. I have used the colour scheme that I will be using for Sophie's quilt. I want to try some of the others as well but this week I have alot of work for the day job so I will have to see as well as the website to upload more items on.
Busy making a card commission for Mother's Day which I shall finish before I go to bed. it was very nice to be asked to do that. I hope that I get asked more often as it is great to make something for someone else and now that it will have a new happy owner.
Bye for now. paperwork awaits.


picciolo said...

hi, love the knitted bag, the colours are gorgeous! I know what you mean about taking photos, roll on the spring and some sunshine!
: )

Purnima said...

I love your bag and also the Silk Glass cases..

Nan said...

Oh! Your bag is so cute?

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