Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Valentine Update and book.

This photo is not a good as I would have liked it. By the time I get home the light has gone but I think that you can get the general idea. I have also made some cards but I will take them to work and try and photograph them during my lunch break. I also have some more felt bits to sew together, these are just the finished ones. I am also going to do some with machine embroidery on using shiney threads so I will post a pic when they are done.
Many thanks to everyone who left such nice comments on the last two posts. The knitted bag response has made me decide to show you something else that I have been working on for some time.

Last January I started buying "The Art of Knitting" because I can't really knit very well. I have had a go many times but my stitch skills are limited and as a Textiles teacher everyone seems to think that I should be able to. My Mum did her best and as a left hander I think I do not do too badly. So every week ( I subcribe so every month) an issue x4 plus wool etc arrives and a new stitch is tackled to make a square. There was a 5 month delay with printing probs but the mags have started arriving again. Eventually they will be sewn together to make s shaker style blanket. I now have a backlog of squares to knit since term started again I have fallen behind as other work has had to take priority, but as a way of keeping going I will post squares and an update every now and then.

This arrived in the post and it is such a lovely little book. It is by Lark books and I bought it on Amazom.com. ISBN -13:978-1-60059-144-0 there is also another on the back of the book, -10: 1-60059-144-2.
You now that I like to take part in the pincushion challenge but needed some inspiration. I also run a pincushion project with my students every Autumn, so they will also find it interesting.
There are pages and pages of designs and ideas, here are just a couple.

These are very cute.

Lovely use of felt and embroidery.

Made from potholders!
There are also some templates at the back of the book stating what size to enlarge them to.
A delightful little book and many of the ideas will be on my to do list.
Have a good evening I am off to have my tea and then to sort out a badly behaved over-locking machine!
Bye for now.


Nan said...

I have picked you for a kindness award on my blog, since you have said nothing but kind things in your comments, I appreciate you and enjoy your blog. ;)

inkberryblue said...

Thanks for posting your review of Pretty Little Pincushions. I've been wondering what this book is like for a while. Now I think I might add it to my library.

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