Sunday, 27 January 2008

A lovely surprise from Nan...

I switched on my computer today to find that I have been awarded this on Nannybirds blog.
I have copied and pasted this logo from Nan's blog, Nannybird. Nan is a very friendly blogger from the USA and invited me to take part in her recycling challenge a few weeks ago. Her link is in the side bar. She makes lovely bags by weaving crisp packets, plastic bags etc to create an item which is useful, creative and lovely to look at.
I am very grateful for this compliment and it is great to now that others like what I make, (which is not as much as I would like due to not enough time, but we all have that problem I suppose.) and that what they find here is of interest. Thank you.

I am going to pass this Kindness Award on to PICCIOLO who was one of the first people to comment on my blog when I started and has kept coming back ever since. We roughly started at the same time and it has been good to see how things have progressed. PICCIOLO has always left very encouraging comments and her work is lovely.

Yes, I have finished all of the Valentine Cards that I am going to make this year. Tried out some brads which I have seen before but not used. Plenty of felt, glitter card, beads, ribbon, sequin waste and stuffing were used. I tried to think of the chaps too by creating some cards for them as well. Here is a sample.

A lovely sunny day meant that I was able to take some half decent photos.

Thought I would try some blue. I now it is not traditional but I have also seen gold and black Valentine cards so blue did not seem so daft after all.

I have made a few more felt heart hangers with ribbon loops and lavender inside.

My next project will be to make some cards for The Embroiderers Guild Exhibition that is taking place in March. Due to work commitments I will not be exhibiting but some cards will enable me to still help out in a way. Of course the next knitted square will also need to be started, especially seeing as another 4 issues turned up yesterday!

Hope the weekend has been as sunny (if rather cold) as here, if not I hope it was at least relaxing.

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

Hi! I followed the link you left at sewmamasew. Your valentine cards are lovely. So creative. Hope you are having a blessed weekend.

picciolo said...

Thank you so much Indigo Blue!!! What a nice start to the week. I will do a post about it tomorrow (with a link to you) as I've just done one for today before I saw your lovely comment.
: )
Your valentine's cards came out well, I think the blue one might be my favourite!
: )

Nan said...

See? There you go again... kind words!! LOL You are so sweet.

I love the cards you have made, they all turned out great, now how can you part with them? ;)

I will be sending you an email next, to try to explain how to add links to your blog.

Grace H said...

I love the felt cards, mixed media is wonderful. Good luck to you!

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