Saturday, 5 January 2008

Happy New Year 2008/ Resolutions/ Clothes Show Pics

Better late than never but here is my first post of the New Year. We had a lovely Christmas and Sophie was delighted with all of her presents, many of which are making and doing presents so we are sorted for future rainny weekends.

We went to see friends in Norfolk for New Year andI want to thank them for allowing us to invade their home for 4/5 days. it was quite mild and only started to get cold as we were leaving.
Well I usually forget what they are by the end of January so for the first time I am going to log them here on my blog.
1). Actually finish my website which came to a grinding halt due to 7 week cold/asthma.
2). Add another tutorial to my blog.
3). Make Valentine Cards to sell at work, did well last year.
4). Follow up phone number of a lady who may be able to help me do my first solo craft fair.
5). Make more sewing time (with Sophie as well).
6). And of course, loss some weight, get more sleep etc, etc,
I think that is enough..

I have nearly finished the knitted bag kit that my hubby bought for my birthday but I want to put a lining in it to stop it from stretching than I will post a picture.
For now I want to post some of the Clothes Show photos that my colleague Fiona took when twit here left her camera on the coach because she was too worried about students, tickets etc.

The white speck on the stage is Peaches Geldof. Honestly, it really is.

The start of the catwalk show.

The computer graphics making up the backdrop were amazing.

It was not just a catwalk show there was music and dancing as well.
There are more photos but too many to put here so I will try to make a link via flickr perhaps. Look on ther website for videos of previous years and next year's details.
It was fantastic and the students have already asked about going next year..

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