Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Farewell Gift

I thought this photo looked a bit Christmasy. Took it when I was getting to know my new camera a few weeks ago.
The Clothes Show photos are in the pipeline, but because sillybilly here left her camera on the coach I am relying on others and time has been chaotic this week.

I was astonished to see that it was nearly a week since I last wrote a post and delighted to see that the hit counter has suddenly shot up plus regular comments are left. I love getting these and thinking that others put time aside to write them. Thank you.

Right, what have I been doing? Well I finally gave in and went to the Doctor's who gave me some antibiotics and an inhaler (which threw me for a second, never had one of those before.) Due to records it is suggested that asthma is being triggered by bad colds which is why my chesty cold has lingered so long and why I feel completely shattered. Keeping an eye on that one. Damn nearly choked myself when I tried to use the inhaler the first time which resulted in my husband and I laughing, sounds odd but you really had to be there. Much better at it now and it is starting to clear.

The post title is related to this...

An order for a fabric book cover which is to be given as a leaving present for a collegue at work. These are becoming a bit of a tradition at work and I shall be making more to go on my website.

The covers are used to hide the dull diary covers that we are given. I handmade the cord and embellished it with beads which unfortunately do not show up very well in the picture. It is lined with lilac cotton fabric. It is all wrapped and ready to go.
I have added a tutorial link to the blog which I hope to add to in the New Year. I also have a website under construction which I have not touched in over a week due to felling rough but it is getting there. Stretching those grey cells a little bit too. Gave up with E-junkie which is a pity as I hate walking away from something.
Got a lovely email from Recycle2art, (see margin for link) and she has asked if I would like to feature some of my work on her site. Talk about grinning from ear to ear, that certainly cheered me up and I will be following this up. I will let you now when I have sent the details etc.
Also been trying the join craftyblogs but I am stumbling at the point when I have to enter in a username as it is saying that it does not look like the image? What image for goodness sake?... Anyway I have had two nice emails from a chap called Simon and I am going to try again tomorrow.
Well I seem to have rambled on a bit here so I shall sign off and head off to my bed.
Take care all
x x x
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picciolo said...

hiya, I hope you are feeling a bit better? I love your fabric book cover, the fabric is gorgeous. The clothes show sounds like it was good too, I will check back to see the pictures!
: )

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