Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas is coming...too fast..

The tree is up, the lights are in the garden, Sophie's playhouse has lights on it and a chimney, my hubby is busy writing cards and nearly all of the presents have been sorted out. Can't stop I'm on a roll back later. Like the wreath? Made it last year, taking it in to work hopefully someone will buy it as I have several more and they take up too much room..
If you have never seen the DVD 'Polar Express' do try to because it is a good film for Christmas, Sophie is watching it now and loving it.
Back tomorrow hopefully.
Clothes Show trip on Tuesday and have to leave at 4am heavens what was I thinking...
Bye for now.


Joanna Butchart said...

love love love polar express. Found your site via craftboom and am wondering whether you have got any further with e-junkie. I have been trying for what seems like an eternity and still dont know how it all links to my blog etc. Your photos are fantastic

picciolo said...

morning! I'm sure someone will buy your wreath it is lovely. I've got a very early morning too this week, I've got to get up at around the same time as you to go to brussels for the day. Hope you enjoy the clothes show!
: )

Nan said...

I'm glad the suggestions worked and you were able to post your picture with the comments! I love the wreath, hope you were able to sell some!

Thanks for the review of sorts for the movie, I think I'll check with my daughter to see if the grandchildren have that movie, it might be something I can get for them if they don't ;)

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