Saturday, 6 October 2007

What a Week...

Where has the time gone? Work has been mad this week and the world of blog had to be put to one side. Thursday this week was Open Evening and some of my younger students came in and we made padded bugs. We cheated with some bits by using a glue gun due to time etc. Several others were made but escaped home before I could get the camera out.
I particularly like the hip caterpillar with his own head-phones and Ipod.

The quilt is coming along nicely and the backing will start to go on tomorrow but the progress photo was awful so I will need to do it again.

Unfortunately my bag missed out on a prize with U-handbag but I 'will be back' next month for another go.

There is to be a 'pamper evening' at work for lady staff and I have been asked to sell some of my cards and other stitched items so I will let you know how I get on. Will need to stock up on a few items by then.

And as for my entry for the Pincushion challenge? No I have not done my homework yet so it is still very much in pieces, tut tut.

By the way , hasn't it been a lovely day today? (Well it was in Cornwall sorry if it was not so good where you are.)

Back tomorrow with quilt progress and an easy to knit scarf.

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picciolo said...

Hi Indigo Blue, sorry not to get back to you sooner, this is (i think) how I managed to get pictures amongst the text. I chose centred for the pictures so you don't get text down the sides, then when in the composing post bit there are two tabs top right, compose and edit html. Once you have put your pics in, in one of those options you can see the pics and drag them where you want. I hope that works, I haven't done it enough times myself yet to know exactly how I managed it.
ps. I studied in exeter and have a four year old too!

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