Friday, 19 October 2007

Pamper Friday..

It's friday again and my little one is in bed. Early up tomorrow for ballet lesson number two, this time she intends to take part. Despite trawling through Ebay I was not able to find any ballet wear that stood a chance of getting here in time. I have decided to see if there is any for sale at the venue. Sophie is really excited.
Well, the pamper session at work went well, so much laughing went on that you would have thought there was wine there as well, but sadly not most of us had to drive home! I set up my itty bitty table at home to see if I could fit everything on which was worthwhile doing as the presentation was commented on and I sold quite a few items. Sophie's dreams of playing shops came true!

The felt keyrings will now be put into my empty Etsy shop in the hope that they will be of interest as well as some of the other items. Take a look over the next week.
I also have a new bag to create for the next U-handbag challenge for November and the "well intentioned but yet to be realised" Autumn pincushion to make. I am glad that there is only one more week until half-term as my stitching has taken such a back seat that it is almost out of sight!! Seeing as my blogging skills are getting better, I would like to try putting a tutorial on here as well. Got a couple ideas up my sleeve.
Off to get a cuppa and do some knitting.

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