Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My first 'big' Quilt.

After a delay looking for the right fabric I am now ready to actually start putting it together. So I decided to lay it all out on the floor and swap around squares that did not look right near each other (very scientific ....) A lillac strip will separate the squares. Hopefully everything will line up alright when I start sewing.

I have made much smaller wall-hanging type quilts, but nothing that will go on a double bed. Very scarey. Kirsty is a good friend and I would like it stay that way so every neffort will be made to get sections to meet up.(Fingers crossed).

Next was to see if the 3.5 metres of fabric that I had bought would look alright. Bit late really as I had alredy cut some of it up, never mind, should have plenty left over to make pillow cases as well.

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