Tuesday, 11 September 2007

making progress...slowly!

Been very busy the past few days so progress with the bag has been slow. Judging is at the end of the month and a photo of the completed bag needs to be posted to enter. (yet something else to try and down load in the right place.. heaven help me!).
Still I did manage to cut the pattern. I traced it off rather than cutting up the pattern, and added all of the interfacing.

I prefer to cut the main fabric, iron that onto the interfacing then cut out. Learnt this on my degree as it achieves several things:
* Quicker.
*Application of interfacing is more accurate.
*Can get more out of your interfacing.
I advise that you use baking parchment otherwise your iron will be very upset and cleaning it will not be fun.

Hopefully after a little work on the laptop I will be able to reward myself with actually starting to sew it together.
Also take a look at the pincushion challenge, the theme is Autumn for the Sept/Oct challenge then again you post a photo on the group photo site to take part.

I have an idea for that too, I wander what the chances are of making that pincushion by the end of October?

Be back soon with hopefully more progress that this!
Well no I have not gone yet as I am having probs posting this due to a spelling error that I can not find. This blogging is not as easy as it looks. Here I go again, will it post.....?

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