Thursday, 27 September 2007

U-Handbag Button

Have copy and pasted the U-handbag button onto my blog but was hoping to have it down the right hand side of the page. I am hoping to move it once I have figured out if I can.This is definately a blog worth viewing. Lisa who runs the site also has another blog which gives advice for running a craft business and you will be able to link to this on the site shown here.
Lisa also sells bag making supplies such as magnetic fastenings and interfacing.

On my flickr site I have added some fabric storage ideas, I made these in May/June in advance of my work collegue becoming a Dad. Well the big day has arrived, so congratulations.
I have also set up an Etsy shop which was quicker than I thought it would be so I have not yet loaded my photo's onto the computer, but that will have to wait until the weekend.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Quilt continued....

Still not able to mix text with photos. May have to ask blogger what to do next. Anyway, wanted to show quilt with lillac strip. I have actually started to sew it together but a photo in natural light is needed so will post later.
This weekend a fellow stitching friend and I are off to Exeter for the Creative Stitches Exhibition.
To be truthful we do not need to buy anything but it is the day out, wandering around and a gossip which is appealing. Every year I say that I will not buy anything. Well, we shall see.
I would really like to show how I tackle a few stitching projects in pictures but if the text/photo issue does not get sorted out then it will be a bit tricky. So if anyone has any suggestions?
U-handbag deadline was today so i am going to keep my fingers crossed. Will let you now the outcome.
Bye for now.

My first 'big' Quilt.

After a delay looking for the right fabric I am now ready to actually start putting it together. So I decided to lay it all out on the floor and swap around squares that did not look right near each other (very scientific ....) A lillac strip will separate the squares. Hopefully everything will line up alright when I start sewing.

I have made much smaller wall-hanging type quilts, but nothing that will go on a double bed. Very scarey. Kirsty is a good friend and I would like it stay that way so every neffort will be made to get sections to meet up.(Fingers crossed).

Next was to see if the 3.5 metres of fabric that I had bought would look alright. Bit late really as I had alredy cut some of it up, never mind, should have plenty left over to make pillow cases as well.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Opps, link did not work!

For some reason the link to the pincushion challenge will not work. When I tried it I ended up with something else, so I removed the link. Will have to think again although you can view the pincushion entries via Flickr:

Taken photo's of quilt in progress, will load tomorrow as things need to be organised for work and the week ahead. (don't you just love the 'oh its Monday tomorrow' feeling?).

So I have added a lovely photo of some sweet peas given to me by my mum-in-law.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Weekend Plans

It's FRIDAY....
This week has gone very quickly but my feet are saying that it was hard-going. Anyway the weekend is upon us and there are things to look forward to. My daughter's friend Bella is coming to visit and hopefully both girls will be playing in my daughter's play house while I and Bella's mum sit down for a good gossip and tea.

The house was fun to build and quick to paint. The instructions said to nail it together, but we decided to use screws so that it can be taken apart if needed.
Inside are hand-made curtains and some cheap carpet tiles from B & Q. Very snug and fairly water tight. (We shall see in the coming months).

On the sewing front I have started a quilt (for Bella's mum), well no that is not completely true as I started it ages ago but we have been trying to find a certain colour for the border and we have now given up! However I think I prefer the new choice. Will post photos later as I want to use natural light.

Thought I might start a 'Tip of the Week' section on the left somewhere for sewers, knitters etc as things often crop up I could share. I you have a tip that I could include then leave in the comments then I will transfer it with your first name if you wish.

Right, better do some more of the quilt ready for Sunday.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Finished it....!

Went to my sewing group on Wednesday and stitched like mad to get it finished! Easy to follow instructions and a lucky evening resulted in my entry being completed. Not sure if it could do wth a flower or something on the front but I do believe that if you are not sure then it may be best to leave it.

My interfacing may have been a little too thick but I really am trying not to buy more fabric etc, but to use up some of the piles (and I mean piles...) of fabric in my work room.

Next?...well my Autumn theme pincushion for the Pincushion Challege. I have been really daring by adding some links and the pincushion challenge is one of them so take a look and see if you would like to have a go.

Still struggling to get my photos to inter-mix with the text but I am sure that I will solve it, probably by accident so that I will not really know what I did to put it right!

Also I have bought some fabric (not for me..) so that I can complete a quilt/throw for a very good friend of mine. Firstly I will need to cut it up into strips so that I can sew it back together again! Daft hobby this really is'nt it?

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

making progress...slowly!

Been very busy the past few days so progress with the bag has been slow. Judging is at the end of the month and a photo of the completed bag needs to be posted to enter. (yet something else to try and down load in the right place.. heaven help me!).
Still I did manage to cut the pattern. I traced it off rather than cutting up the pattern, and added all of the interfacing.

I prefer to cut the main fabric, iron that onto the interfacing then cut out. Learnt this on my degree as it achieves several things:
* Quicker.
*Application of interfacing is more accurate.
*Can get more out of your interfacing.
I advise that you use baking parchment otherwise your iron will be very upset and cleaning it will not be fun.

Hopefully after a little work on the laptop I will be able to reward myself with actually starting to sew it together.
Also take a look at the pincushion challenge, the theme is Autumn for the Sept/Oct challenge then again you post a photo on the group photo site to take part.

I have an idea for that too, I wander what the chances are of making that pincushion by the end of October?

Be back soon with hopefully more progress that this!
Well no I have not gone yet as I am having probs posting this due to a spelling error that I can not find. This blogging is not as easy as it looks. Here I go again, will it post.....?

Making some progress...slowly!

The days have quickly passed and I have managed to move on a little with the Amy Butler bag for the U-Handbag challenge.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Trying something new!!

After having read other blogs over the past nine months I have decided to take the plunge and join in.

I have found that craft blogs are fun to read, good to learn from and the owners of these blogs have really cheerful good senses of humour!!
I hope that once I get the hang of importing photos etc that my blog will be as good and you will want to leave comments and come back for another look.

I have just started a bag which I hope to have finished in time for the http:/ hopefully i have typed the web address properly as you might like to take a look and join in too.

Now I need a bit of luck, can I actually import my first photo?

Okay, it worked, but the photo did not end up where I thought it was going to. Why is it all the way up there? Never mind. So you may need to scroll up to see the three bundles of lovely fabric which will hopefully end up as a bag.

Now for the second photo: Oopps! Another photo of fabric. This is a bit tricky isn't? It was supposed to be the next stage of my bag.
Well that will have to wait until tomorrow once I have had a think about it and a strong cup of tea!

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